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Get ready for high-octane action with Traffic Rusher!

Navigate through the bustling highway traffic as you weave through cars in this thrilling Racing game - avoid accidents, master the changing roads, and set new records as you go!

Take control of your car, strategically choose vehicles, and become a roadmaster as you swerve through the unpredictable traffic. Prove your driving skills by avoiding collisions and leveling up your expertise.

Manage your car's limited gas capacity, and keep a sharp eye out for vital fuel and repair bonuses scattered throughout the roads.

Whether you prefer short sessions or extended play, Traffic Rusher delivers non-stop excitement.

Experience the thrill with stunning 2D visuals and a dynamic soundtracks that keeps you immersed in the action.

Ready to race? Download Traffic Rusher now and take on the highway. Choose your car, navigate through obstacles, and show off your driving skills. How far can you go?

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Latest News

Traffic Rusher - Update 1.5.0

Traffic Rusher - Update 1.5.0

Announcing the latest update for Traffic Rusher! Brace yourselves for a smoother ride with automatic gears, richer visuals with enhanced backgrounds, and dynamic effects, alongside various minor tweaks and improvements.

Traffic Rusher Update

Traffic Rusher Update

Rev up for an enhanced Traffic Rusher experience with our latest update, featuring two new cars, a new traffic vehicle, pre-start car and color selection, improved UI, physics, environment generation, boosted performance, and bug fixes!

Traffic Rusher Pre-Registration

Traffic Rusher Pre-Registration

Unleash the racer in you with Traffic Rusher! Pre-register now on Google Play Store and be ready to dodge, weave, and set new records in our brand-new thrilling Android arcade racing game.