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Adventure Platformer

Epic Dash for Freedom in Runaway Chick! Run Chick Run!

Start an epic adventure with Runaway Chick 🐣, the thrilling mobile game where you play as a daring chicken on a wild dash for freedom. In this cartoon escapade, you'll navigate through several exciting zones, dodging obstacles and outsmarting relentless pursuers.

Run, chick, run!

Dash through busy city streets, dodge the enraged chef, and enjoy the ultimate freedom. Then, head to a village where a grandma with a big fork is after you. Escape into the forest, evading a hunter with a crossbow. Finally, survive the rainy city with a master chef throwing knives.

With vibrant cartoon graphics and heart-pounding gameplay, Runaway Chick offers an exhilarating experience that keeps you on your toes. Dodge every obstacle, sprint through diverse environments, and feel the thrill of the chase.

Download Runaway Chick now and dive into an epic world of cartoon fun. Will your dash for freedom succeed? Find out in the most epic chicken run ever! 🐔💨

Key Features:

🐤 Epic cartoon adventure
🐤 Dodge obstacles and outsmart various pursuers
🐤 Experience the freedom of the open road
🐤 Vibrant graphics and exciting gameplay
🐤 Offline single-player game - no internet connection required
🐤 A lot of different and unique levels
🐤 Hard mode with more challenging levels
🐤 Customizable chick with different skins

Join the epic dash and embrace your freedom in Runaway Chick. Run, dodge, and escape in this unforgettable cartoon quest!

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Latest News

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Runaway Chick Release

We're excited to announce the release of Runaway Chick! Step into the feathers of a daring chicken on the run from an enraged chef in a bustling city. Dodge obstacles, navigate busy streets, and outsmart the relentless cook in this thrilling escape game. How long can you evade capture?

Runaway Chick Pre-registration

Runaway Chick - Pre-registration

Exciting news! Pre-registration for Runaway Chick is now open on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Sign up now to be among the first to play when it launches!